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Fully compatible with GMS:1 and GMS:2

This extension is compatible with all targets aside HTML5 (including iOS and Android)

A full GML-only video player implementation! Can play multiple videos at once with great performance (Average 2000 fps on mid range computer, 720p video). Smooth performance on low end & older mobile devices as well, video shows Galaxy Note 4 running at a constant 60 FPS (Capped).


  • Truly cross platform playback. One line of code and one video file fits them all.
  • Pause, fast forward video.
  • Advanced timing mechanism: Audio and video always sync up to the target frame rate, despite what the game is running at.
  • Use the video output as a texture. Run it through a shader, use it as a 3d model's texture, draw it to a surface, many more applications!
  • Extremely light on memory, smart caching to keep the video ready to go
  • Supports all major formats through converter

If you want more of an insight, feel free to Download the converter and read the manual.

On a final note, there are other assets on the marketplace that provide multi platform video support, the distinction here being that they emulate a "video" by loading images as quickly as possible from the hard drive, making it virtually unusable on mobile devices and a big battery drainer. GMLVideo uses actual hard drive streaming, caching and on the fly decompression to deliver a fast and smooth video output.

Does not support HTML5


Buy Now$24.99 AUD or more

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gmlvideo_1.0.2.gmez 21 MB