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Android Only

Use the front or back camera as a native Gamemaker surface in your games and applications!


  • Landscape and portrait camera mode
  • Turn the flashlight on and off during preview
  • High speed access to the colour data from the camera (could be used for tracking and detection etc.)

Since the camera is returned as a native Gamemaker surface, you can use the surface as you would a regular sprite, background as well. Draw it with shader effects, use it as a texture for a model, and any other applications you can think of!

Easy to set up and implement (working demo is included). Call the following function to start the camera preview:


To draw the camera to the screen, there are two options. Either retrieve the surface index and operate with that, or use the inbuilt drawing function:


// --- OR --- //

var surface = camsurface_get_surface();
if (surface_exists(s)) {
    draw_surface(surface, x, y);

On newer phones the camera can run at up to 30fps @ 720p. Slightly smaller resolutions on older phones runs exponentially faster. There will also be further performance updates in the future enabling smooth 1080p playback on most phones, pending a bug fix from YYG.

Need an Android extension or SDK Implementation?


Buy Now$29.95 AUD or more

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